Technology's influence continues to affect more of our lives, and the world of corporate branding and design is no different.

Wolff Olins crafted a beautiful new visual identity to bring Aol out of its web 1.0 days and highlight its new emphasis on original content. It's new logo is a metaphor for the company itself: Totally flexible, invisible until fresh content is placed behind it.



Naturally, this new format lends itself well to the web, but it would take some forward thinking to carry that flexibility into physical printed pieces and ensure that AOL employees internationally all had access to consistent identity materials. Wolff Olins recommended us at BurdgeCooper.

We developed a secure Aol-branded online ordering site which not only captures the standard business card imprint information, but allows the user to choose various or random logo images in their order. Using our biggest digital press, Aol employees around the world are able to get a fresh, unique mixture of high-quality customized material that can be constantly updated.


Check out Aol Artists for examples!