Outside Sales & Marketing Associate

If brands tell stories, we help them create a language by bringing their presence into the physical world in a way everyone can see and feel.

If you are interested in helping designers and marketers create printed products that are felt as well as read - let's talk.

BurdgeCooper is looking for someone to help designers and agencies put their ideas on paper using our 50+ printing presses and 8 unique printing processes.

We want someone who:

  • loves Print
  • loves Design
  • loves helping people
  • thinks creatively
  • returns communication promptly
  • isn't scared of rejection
  • can multi-task
  • will fight for your customer
  • will fight for the company


  • Develop new sales opportunities through relationships with Graphic Design and Marketing professionals. 
  • Sell BurdgeCooper products, solutions, and services to companies in specific market verticals, lines of business or product categories where BurdgeCooper is exceptionally successful. 
  • Create, deliver, and effectively communicate real and distinct value to customer.
  • Represent BurdgeCooper in a manner that addresses the customers' needs by aligning our products/services in the form of a customer value-based solution. 
  • Facilitate the relationship, sale, and value-delivery with the customer and our internal sales people at BurdgeCooper.
  • Understand the dynamics and direction of specific market verticals and align them with BurdgeCooper's products, solutions, and services. Also, help identify and develop new products, solutions, and services that uniquely meet the needs of customers in those market verticals.
  • Understand "insight selling" as flexible, in recognition of the many possible routes to a sale. Delivering the right insight in the right way requires determining what the customer has already concluded about its needs and available solutions, who the decision makers are (often not the usual suspects), and what it will take to change their minds.



  1. Demonstrate customer focus and curiosity; must have strong desire to know and understand the customer's business and growth objectives. 
  2. Identify innovative sales solutions; know BurdgeCooper products and create solutions that provide value to the customer.
  3. Identify and leverage BurdgeCooper's unique insights to generate sales opportunities with customers that may not have accurately or completely identified their own needs.
  4. Embrace Product/Market knowledge; continually seek to understand BurdgeCooper's products and understand how market-specific trends can be positioned and optimized to meet the evolving needs of our customer base.
  5. Strong presentation and marketing skills; professional representation of the company in all areas of marketing a sale.
  6. Must possess burning desire to hunt/win over new opportunities using a disciplined approach; hungry.
  7. Solid relationship building skills; facilitate a lot of moving pieces, building relationships with various people at various levels of an organization with both internal and external customers.
  8. Ethical and prepared to converse at the Executive level via all modes of communication (in person, via email and phone).

  • Min 5 + years experience developing new business opportunities in a sales manner.
  • Ability to work independently with high degree of integrity.
  • Must possess top level listening and discovery/diagnosis skills.
  • Must possess the ability to understand and articulate the customers' goals and marketing strategies.
  • Demonstrated commitment to professional development

This position will report to the VP of Sales at BurdgeCooper


BurdgeCooper, a division of Taylor Corporation, is a western-based, short run, specialty printing operation focused upon delivering a diverse portfolio of litho, engraved and digital products at an optimized cost and within the service parameters required by its customers.

Taylor Corporation focuses on its customer's evolving needs-personal and business-by providing innovative, personalized solutions that help them express their uniqueness. By leveraging the diverse capabilities of its many companies since 1975, Taylor has helped its millions of customers celebrate events, achievements and significant milestones as well as assisted businesses in expressing their brands and differentiating themselves in the marketplace.

Please visit http://www.taylorcorp.com to apply. Equal Opportunity Employer