On July 1, 2010 Burdge, Inc. and Stuart F. Cooper, two names which have set the standard for graphic arts excellence for generations, merged into BurdgeCooper.  Today we are the world’s largest engraving company and one of the largest small format commercial printing companies in North America.  Together we have won more awards for printing and engraving excellence than any of our peers by providing over 22,000 customers with superior service and quality printed products.  

Stuart F. Cooper

In 1929 Mr. Stuart Cooper established his company in Los Angeles from the printing equipment of Milton G. Cooper & Son, his father’s in-house printing plant.  In 1937 Cooper moved to the present location on 23rd Street and in 1948 began to expand the business into the legal market by sending an “introductory offer” for engraved stationery to all the lawyers who passed the State Bar Examination.  In the 1950’s IBM introduced the IBM electric typewriter and Stuart F. Cooper developed and sold erasable bond paper.


Stuart Cooper died in 1958 and was survived by his widow Golda Cooper who owned the company until her death in 1989.  During this time Robert Paskus and George Pratt ran the company which became one of the largest engraving companies in North America operating 78 die stamping presses and buying paper directly from the paper mill.


1967 Monte Justesen, a relative of Golda Cooper, joined the firm and became its owner and president after Golda's death in 1989.  In 1980 IBM developed a high-speed laser printer which was leased by major law firms.  Stuart Cooper developed the first laser compatible, cotton content paper for this new machine.  In 1981 David Overgaard, a graduate from Cal Poly’s Graphic Communication School, joined the company and moved it into the computer age.  In order to service their customers on the east coast, in 1997 Dave led the integration of J. P. Stevens in Atlanta.  Dave served as president of Stuart F. Cooper from 2002 until July 2010 when the company merged with Burdge, Inc.



Burdge Inc.

In 1923 Mr. Charles Leroy Burdge established the Burdge Engraving Company. Charlie Burdge, as his friends knew him, was a master craftsman steel die engraver.

Starting off as a freelance engraver, his reputation grew and soon Charlie had to hire and train another young engraver in his methods.  Next he scraped enough money together to buy an engraving press, then another, and another.  By the time Charlie’s' son Dick had graduated from U.S.C., and served as a Captain in the Navy in World War II, Burdge Engraving was a thriving trade business.

When Dick joined the company in the late 1940's, he saw the need to sell directly to the end consumer.  He also found those customers not only wanted fine quality engraving, but high quality printing as well.  Dick expanded Burdge’s capabilities to lithography, thermography, foil stamping and printing.  Serving the Los Angeles, Orange County and nationwide markets, Burdge provided dependable service, competitive prices and the best quality product possible.

In 1980 Dick’s son Don joined the business after graduating from the University of Southern California and working for a short time in the advertising industry.  Eight years later Don bought his father out after working in production, office, and the sales department.  Don has a consummate understanding of how all departments must work together to achieve Company objectives.  

J.P. Stevens Co.

In 1874, only nine years after the civil war ended, Mr. J.P. Stevens founded his business in Atlanta Georgia.  He hand cut engraving dies and manufactured engraved stationery on machines he designed himself.  For the next 121 years the J.P. Stevens Company produced fine engraved stationery for most of the leading families and businesses in the South.  The company was purchased by the Stuart F. Cooper Company in 1997 and continues to manufacture engraved stationery.  Since its acquisition by Stuart F. Cooper, the company expanded into lithography, thermography, foil stamping, embossing and digital printing.  Today the company provides professional and social stationery along with other communications to business and professional firms nationwide.